Alis Grave Nil

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

On Missing Doctor Who

I must apologise for neglecting you mes amis.  Now that the Olympics is over and we have all been 'inspired',  normal service has now been resumed in the UK.

Okay, I admit it, I get glazed over when Roberto spouts forth about the inner workings of our solar panel (when the sun shines, it heats our water, as does our wood burning stove in the winter).  However, I am very pleased to announce that it has actually saved us around £250 on our fuel bill to date and we haven't had it for a full RESULT! 
We were invited to an evening wedding reception at the weekend.  It was held in a big old pub in a large village not far from us.  The village is a bit "footballers' wives".  The wedding reception wasn't.  Apart from the friends we went with, we hardly knew anybody there.  It was hot in the function room, nobody was dancing, apart from some little teenybopper girls and the music was so loud we couldn't hear what anyone was saying.  I knew one of the bridesmaids, who pootled over so see us in her sparkly flip flops.  Her hair was cut in a bob style and she was wearing a tiara and not a scrap of make-up.  Roberto didn't realise she was a bridesmaid and thought the party was a fancy dress and she had come as Cleopatra.  He said to our friend Brian "Looks like you've pulled, mate".  Brian said "where's the f**** fire exit?"
The buffet...well what can I say?  Platters of fat chips and egg sandwiches.  Roberto and Brian went to get some more drinks.  They must have been gone for about 10 minutes.  When they returned, the buffet had been demolished...just a few sad fat chips left lying on the table cloth. 
...and to think, I missed Doctor Who for this!!
Anyway, we managed to escape fairly quickly.  I don't think anyone noticed.