Alis Grave Nil

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Olympic Bore

Is it just me, or is anyone else completely bored already with all the Olympic hype?  I admit, I am not a sporty person and the only sport I like is Formula 1 and Wimbledon Tennis, which involves the art of sitting on my botty and watching on TV. 

Why do they need so many people to run round the UK with the Olympic torch?  Why don't they just ask a few really fast athletes to do it?  They'd get it done much quicker that way.  It makes me laugh they way it is all taken so seriously.  I mean, does a flame really need so many bodyguards?  It is taken so seriously that a woman in Lincolnshire, who wrote something on her Facebook wall about putting the flame out with her son's water pistol, had the police at her door questioning her as if she was a terrorist.  What is that all about?  It begs the question, out of the squillions of Facebook accounts, how on earth did they manage to home in on that woman's FB page so quickly, especially if it was not an 'open' account? 

I think it's hilarious the way that some games are now an Olympic sport, like Ping Pong for example.  Imagine the ancient Greeks playing Ping Pong (hey, Achilles, the ball was in!...You cannot be serious, Zeus!)...or Beach Volley Ball for that matter (Athena, you great numptie, you've broken my nail with that throw.  That bloody ball is heavy!). 

I know that security has to be tight for the Olympics but to put surface to air missiles on the top of a block of flats in London, and then tell the world on mainstream media that they are doing it, is just beyond a joke don't you think?  If anyone was thinking of attacking, they would just have to look for that particular block of flats on Google Maps.  Why advertise it to the world?  What about the poor b****ds that live in the flats? 

Anyway, just had to get it off my chest, so to speak.  The Printemps household will definitely be an Olympic-free zone this summer.  I'd rather watch paint fact, maybe I'll just do that. 

Squeak soon, mes amis.

Friday, 15 June 2012

A Few Little Molly Musings for the Weekend

Well, today I had my final appointment with Dr Sultana re: broken wrist.  I waited for around half an hour in the waiting room and then was in and out in 30 seconds.  Phew!  Everything is back to normal again, so I can now play the violin (joke!). 

We had a nice Jubilee Saturday lunch with our friends William and Kate (no relation!).  William is a farmer friend from oop the lane.  It got a bit chilly later on so we ended up coming inside and Kate and me sang along to my Gilbert O'Sullivan CD - remember him girls?  William got a bit squiffy on the red wine so Kate had to drive them back oop the lane - a rare occurence for him to let her drive his Porsche Boxter (or is it Boxer?) as it's his mid-life crisis toy.  Am I getting a sense of deja vu here? 

Meanwhile, back at our village Inconvenience Store, the ditzy blonde manageress, Samantha,  has left her long term boyfriend for a delivery driver who was just about to get married and called it all off, leaving his former fiance completely devastated.  I tell you, it all happens in this village. It's better than Emmerdale, believe me.

...and another thing.  Can't believe my brother.  He actually went to Screwfix and loved it.  Must be a man thing.  Or maybe there's a cute little girl behind the counter called Epinine who has black spider leg eyelashes.

Have a good weekend, mes petits choux