Alis Grave Nil

Monday, 3 August 2015

Once Upon a Time........

Once upon a time there was a wee Scottish girl, 
with long skinny legs and a great big smile.
A twin brother she adored, as part of herself, 
a bond not shared, by anyone else.
A mum and dad who loved her, of that there was no doubt, 
and two younger sisters, who made her laugh and shout. 
Her dolls neatly dressed, she took care of her toys, 
she treasured these moments like nobody else.
Once upon a time there was a young city girl, 
conscientious in study, achieved what she sought.
Friends, there were many she loved and adored, 
she’d dress to the nines and dance until dawn.
Fluent in French, the best cook by far, 
she never forgot those from afar.

She left us for France to follow her dreams; 
we wrote many letters to keep us in tune.
She worked hard and played hard till one day we heard, 
she’s moving to Yorkshire with Roger her friend. 
Married and happy with a man she adores, 
this beautiful lady now wears country clothes.

Once upon a time there was a strong woman, 
she tended her garden, the blooms grew with love.
The ducks they would quack as she talked to them much, 
overcoming her fear of the closeness they sought. 
She was quirky and funny, and read lots of books 
and would crochet a jumper as fast as she could.

A tower of strength, she turned out to be, 
protecting her family from news they couldn’t hear. 
Her worry and struggle from pain we couldn’t see, 
was masked with her fun to save us from fear.

Her spirit is free now, she dances on clouds, 
No worry or pain, she laughs out loud
Her light shines through, like the crystals she used, 
sending love through the ether to comfort our pain. 
So celebrate her beauty, and forget her not, 
her light remains shining in all of our thoughts.

Her light has not left us, her spirit shines through, 
in the twinkling stars, right above you. 
In the cool summer breeze she hugs you with love 
while her beauty appears in the warm autumn leaves. 
We love her and miss her but still feel her strength, 
so remember her always with love, her dear friends.

In loving memory of Carol Harrison (Molly Printemps) who lost her three year battle with cancer on the 16th July 2015.

May she do cartwheels on rainbows 
and dance on the clouds.

Her wonderful husband Roger, (Roberto Printemp), who cared for Carol (Molly Printemp) with love, affection and humour during many tough days sends his love to all as he tries to find a way through the darkness. 

Fly high my beautiful sister and don’t forget to visit
Katy xx