Alis Grave Nil

Monday, 11 August 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy

Great excitement chez nous.  After a lot of faffing, dithering, pondering and Libra weighing up (Roberto), we have finally booked a 14 day Mediterranean cruise for October this year.  I'm so excited I am dancing non-stop to the Happy Song. Come on, dance with me. I'll tell you when to stop. Whooopppeeeeeee!!

Sunday, 3 August 2014


I am pleased that people around the world are seeing Glasgow as it really is, because of the Commonwealth Games coverage, and not how they perceive it from TV programmes such as Taggart where most of the population are murrrrdered on a daily basis in dull grey housing schemes and high rise flats in the Gorbals. This is not the Glasgow that I know and love.
Perception is a funny thing.  When I first hitched up with Roberto many moons ago, his mother asked me if there was a Marks & Spencers in Glasgow yet.  I found this a bit strange, as if the perception of Scotland/Glasgow was that of a backward nation.  I replied "Yes, and we even have electricity, Beatrice" (can you tell I was a little bit miffed?).  I had been going to the M&S in Argyle Street in Glasgow almost since I could walk. All our school uniforms were bought there and my grandmother and wee auntie used to put on their best hats and coats on a Saturday afternoon and get the bus into town, with the express desire of shopping in M&S and buying some lovely treats in the food department (choccy ginger nuts were my favourites).
Because of the recent coverage, people around the world have been able to witness for themselves the real friendliness of Glasgow people.  I remember having an English boss who told me he visited Glasgow and was quite taken aback when people actually spoke to him when he was just standing waiting to cross a road at the traffic lights. People working in shops talk to you as if they are your best friends and that famous Glasgow sense of humour is never far away.

Tonight is the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games and I will be glued to the screen looking out for my friend, Doreen, who is taking part in the final show.  It's all top secret but I am hoping desperately that she will be one of Kylie's backing dancers.  Doreen and I used to love a good bop at the best Glasgow nightspots at the time, the most hilarious laughs of the night being in the queue at Pizza Corolla at 2am with all the starving (and tired and emotional) night clubbing Glasgow people.

So to anyone who hasn't been to Glasgow, give it a try.  You may be very pleasantly surprised.