Alis Grave Nil

Monday, 11 August 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy

Great excitement chez nous.  After a lot of faffing, dithering, pondering and Libra weighing up (Roberto), we have finally booked a 14 day Mediterranean cruise for October this year.  I'm so excited I am dancing non-stop to the Happy Song. Come on, dance with me. I'll tell you when to stop. Whooopppeeeeeee!!


  1. Smashing. Something to look forward too.

    Jean x

  2. Thanks Jean. For various reasons we haven't had a holiday abroad for a long time so I am extra extra excited.


  3. Your adoring public will require detailed posts about the night you "accidentally" staggered into the first mate's cabin and how Roberto won the deck skittles competition and how you reacted when the Islamic State speedboat arrived from across the horizon with machine guns bristling and a man on a megaphone yelling "Allah is good! Die infidels and give us your wallets!"... Seriously though, I hope you have a lovely time.

    1. Thanks YP. I can't wait. Don't worry, I will not let my adoring public down. Never mind the Islamic whatsits, I know for a fact that we will meet several extremely rude French people on the French stops. I will report back on my return.

      Hope your wee scratched legs are getting better.

    2. MP - I don't have wee legs! Well, maybe after a few pints. I rubbed some "Sudocrem" in them on Saturday night. That's magic stuff that is. With regard to rude French people, make sure you have always got a wet kipper in your voluminous sporran, ready to slap the blighters with it.