Alis Grave Nil

Saturday, 16 March 2013

On Vacuous Celebrities in Africa

I don't know about you but I'm getting so fed, really p****d off with celebrities crying over African children.  It happens every time there is a big charity event in the UK, like Red Nose Day which took place recently.  How insulting to African people to have some vacuous little twit(s) crying over them.  Have you ever looked past the vacuous twits to the faces of the African people in the background?  They usually look bewildered, as if they are thinking "what are these numpties crying about?"
When I was at primary school, we used to bring in pennies for the "black babies", as we called them then.  I believe the money was sent to the missions in Ethiopia.  All the catholic primary schools in the region did the same and this went on all through my seven years of primary school.  Now that I am..ahem..40-la-la, those same people in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa are still in the same situation with droughts, famines, war etc.  Throughout the last 40 odd years, Britain and other countries have consistently sent aid.  Bob Geldof, in his wisdom, sent millions of pounds of donations from the British public, raised from Live Aid, to the president of Ethiopia, who spent it on weapons and a lear jet for his many wives' shopping trips to Paris and London.

...And another thing...Oxfam have a TV advert at the moment where they are asking for aid for Zimbabwe and one of the reasons is because the crops were unsuccessful.  Hellloooo...???  The crops weren't successful because President Mugabe threw all the successful white farmers out of the farms they had owned for generations and replaced them with unskilled African people who didn't know anything about farming.  Doh!!

We keep sending aid and money but the people are not evolving to take care of themselves...and why should they when they only have to sit and wait for the BBC cameras to roll up and the foreign aid to start flowing. I think it is time to stop crying over Africans and other poor nations and allow them to evolve, especially since our own country is now hanging by a thread, financially speaking. Snivelling celebrities, take note!