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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Post Olympic Musings

So the ancient games are over and our heros can be proud of themselves for collecting so many gold medals, including Pegasus the wonder horse, who won a gold medal for horse dancing.  Apollo and Achilles are having a drink in the local taverna....

Achilles:  "So what we do now, Apollo?  Olympics is finished.  Some numpty in the archery contest busted my ankle with stray arrow.  Bloody foreigners!

Apollo:  We could hop over to beach and watch Poseiden practising synchronised swimming with the beach volley ball girls...the lucky b****do!

Achilles: Nah, he is big show off.  The girls won't look at us if he is there.  Anyway, thought it was wine o'clock?  Service very slow in this taverna. 

Apollo:  Hey, Dionysus, another large jug of wine over here, there's a good lad. 

Dionysus: What your last slave die of?

Apollo:  Single sword wound to chest, actually.

Dionysus: Okay, one jug of Ouzo coming up.

Achilles:  Fancy going for a kebab after this, Apollo?

Apollo: That sounds like just the job.  A perfect end to a perfect Olympic games.

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