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Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Little Pre-Christmas Musing

Okay, own up, who put up the price of second class postage stamps in the UK when nobody was looking?  I went out to buy stamps for my Christmas cards last week and I kid you not, they cost more than the big bird that is currently in residence in my freezer.  When did that happen? I'm sure I only paid about £12 for stamps last year but this year the cost could have paid off the debt of a small country.  I was  a bit shocked, as I am sure many other people were as well.  The only thing is, if you stop sending Christmas cards, people who don't see you very often think one or other of you has died.
You can tell when Christmas has arrived in the Printemps household because Michael Buble's Christmas CD is played on a loop in our house from 1 December.  I even take him in the car every time I go out. 

I went to our local supermarket, Morrison's, this morning (with Michael B, of course).  Well, blow-me-rags (as the late Beatrice Printemps used to say), twas like the end of the world, it was so busy...and it's only 13 December.  I forgot to get something in one aisle and I couldn't get back up it because it was filled with trolleys and old people (younger people as well but the oldies get in the way don't they? Hee hee). Note to self: go to supermarket at 8am next time.
Anyway, I'm almost ready for Christmas, are you?  I made my stuffing balls the other day (big ones!) for the freezer, I've frozen all my fresh veg, bought the trifle ingredients (Christmas pudding - bleurgh!!).  I just have some more Christmas cleaning to do and a bit more bling to put up.  Now, where did I put my fairy dust? 

Feliz Navidad, mes amis.


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