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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Mine's Bigger Than Yours!

Well, there they were on Sunday, sitting round our kitchen table discussing their big sports cars.  Roy the builder and Bob the plumber had called in to have a look at Roberto's new old sporty Jaguar.  They all have convertible sports cars (it's an age thing, you know!) and they were sitting round our table discussing the best points of their own cars, all talking over each other.  It was just like "mine's bigger than yours" in the school playground.  I said above that they were discussing their big sports cars but Roy's is only the size of Stuart Little's - same colour as well.  He also has a Stuart Little boat for fishing but that's another story.

Bob has Jaguar envy now.  He has a lovely old Alpha Romeo sports car which he loves but when he saw Roberto's new one, he said "did you see my face, Roberto...did you see my face when I saw your Jag?" Let me tell you mes amis, he was drooling over Roberto's eff-off blue Jag. Boys and their toys eh?

Last night we were watching TV.  The windows and curtains were closed.  Well, I heard this shrieking noise outside and thought that someone was being attacked.  Looked out of the living room window and it was that bloody woman with the deaf dalmations (see previous post).  That's how loud she is, like a bloody fishwife on Hull docks, when we still had a fishing industry, that is.  I much prefered it when we had the little elderly couple with the sausage dog next door.  Nice quiet neighbours, dog with good hearing. 

Squawk soon. 

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