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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Goodwood, Here We Come!

Roberto and I are booking up for the Goodwood Festival of Speed again, only we're going for two days this year - there's so much to see.  Thought we might do a bit of celebrity house spotting while we are down south.  We already have a photo of Eric Clapton's house  (Roberto made me climb up on a fence to take the photo!).  I've actually met the man himself  at the carousel in Nice Cote d'Azur Airpot.  I went up to him with my little shaky paws and asked for his autograph - he was collecting his own luggage, believe it or not.  The French twits didn't know who he was. We've also been to see Elton John's holiday house in the hills outside Nice and we've seen Nellcote, the huge house in Nice where the Rolling Stones stayed in the 70's. 

This year we are going to try and find Robin Gibb's big pad, JK's and Chequers - not that we are stalkers, you understand - just interested in how the other half live.  You can't always see a lot because of high walls and hedges and sometimes you only see a gatehouse but it's fun finding out where they all live - proper celebs, I mean, not thick footballers or reality TV numpties. 

There will be some celebs at Goodwood as well.  I saw Liz Hurley with Shane Whatsit last year - you know that Aussie cricketer she re-styled into a clone of Hugh Grant?  Also hoping to see a few Formula 1 drivers (though hopefully not Lewis Hamilton.  Don't you think he's turning into a great big whinging woos?).  Will keep you posted, chers amis

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