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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bank Holiday Musing

I'd like to do cartwheels round the garden now that I am free of the plaster on my broken wrist, but unfortunately, I can't just yet.  Am working on it though.  That little hospital in Goole is amazing, and I am saying that as someone who just doesn't 'do' illness of any sort.  I was in and out in one hour, plaster free and on my way home - wahay!!  I asked the doctor, whose name was Dr Sultana,  if I would be able to play the violin now and he said 'did you play the violin before?'  I replied, 'No...just thought I'd ask.'

The rain has finally stopped in East Yorkshire and the sun is shining, although it's still bitterly cold.  Have you noticed how nobody says "global warming" any more?  They now say "climate change."  I've got news for you...climate changes every day - deal with it!

Anyway, have a good Bank Holiday weekend chers amis.

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