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Friday, 25 May 2012

On Rusty Nails

Well, I am officially accident prone.  Today I was tidying the jungle that is my front garden when I accidentally stood on a nail that was poking out of a piece of wood...that the builders had kindly left when they were doing our extension.  Now having to have a little trip to the doctors to get a tetanus jab.  It's just as well nobody was walking down our lane because they would have been shocked at my language.  I was effing and blinding and hopping about like a mad woman.  I would have frightened any small children who happened to be passing by.  Must have a word with Roy, our builder, and kick his sorry ass - with my right foot (the left one is now incapacitated). 

Roberto is in his shed at the moment trying to rig up a flagpole for his Union Jack for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  I can hear a lot of hammering going on, and a bit of swearing as well.  I have some Union Jack bunting for him to put up as well and some Union Jack napkins and cups.  Should be a laugh when we invite our friends round who are a bit anti-Royal.  Can't wait. 

We have had glorious sunshine all week.  It feels like being on holiday - it's wonderful.  Hope it's just as wonderful where you are, chers amis.

Bon Weekend!

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