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Sunday, 12 January 2014

On TV Adverts

Settled down to watch TV one evening, cup of tea and shortbread biscuit at the ready.  An advert came on for one of those Ped-Egg machine thingies that seems to suck up all the dry skin on your feet.  I was just taking the first bite of my shortbread when the person who was using the Ped-Egg seemed to be hoovering up a huge (and I mean HUGE) piece of skin off her foot. It looked utterly disgusting.  Needless to say, shortbread biscuit was not so appealing after seeing that.
...and another thing.  Sorry mes amis have got charity fatigue again.  Charity adverts seem to be playing non-stop at the moment.  I do understand that they have to get donations but apart from anything else, the actual airtime must cost around £100,000 each time the advert is on TV. The particular advert that has caught my attention is the one for Water Aid in Africa somewhere.  You see a young baby sitting in a puddle and putting his cup into it and drinking the water, while the narrator is saying something like "John has to drink contaminated water every day, even though it could kill him".  If that baby really is sitting there drinking contaminated water and they are sitting watching and filming him doing it....WHY AREN'T THEY STOPPING HIM?????  Is it me? 
As for the DFS sale that was supposed to end on 5th January's on AGAIN!  It never ends.  There is also an advert for Harvey's furniture which annoys me greatly.  It is stressing the fact that you can get all the furniture for your home on credit over 4 years, encouraging young people (it's always young people in the ads) to get into debt. 
Have you heard about Wonga advertising loans on children's TV channels?  People are now complaining that their kids are telling them to get a Wonga loan to buy the latest Xbox, or whatever.  Effing unbelievable, n'est-ce-pas?

Right, rant over.  Squeak soon.

 BREAKING NEWS.....BREAKING NEWS.....Roy and Agnes have got engaged.  They are both still married to previous partners, but hey ho!


  1. I'm with you about the adverts... it annoys me when charities like the Red Cross waste money sending cards and envelopes in with their latest bid to get you to donate. I think by now, that people who wanted to donate to charity would have already done so, and it seems to me this constant showing distressing pictures and so on, doesn't have that much effect. I think, wrongly, that we all get a bit blase about it - seen it all before, do you know what I mean? And therefore mentally switch off as well as finding something else to look at whilst the ad is on. And as for the furniture sales.... one ends this weekend then starts again under another name next weekend. We've had Christmas sales, winter sales, it will be mid-season sale next, followed by Spring sale, Easter sale.... ad infinitum. Again, I wonder how much good as in how much increase there is in sales, these ads/sales make?
    Love the rant, behind you all the way.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Edwina. A good rant does you good doesn't it? Better out than in, as they say in sunny Yorkshire.

  2. Hello and glad you found I have found you your rant and entirely agree too...
    bestest to you and yours today daisy j x

    1. Thanks Daisy. Loved your blog too. So many good memories.

      Best wishes from Carol H

  3. You should see the African TV adverts...