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Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Bit of a do at the Hairdresser's

Every time I go to the hairdresser's there are always two little old ladies there.  Nothing strange in that, you may think, but I have never actually seen them having a hairdo.  They seem to be a permanent fixture on the sofa, sipping tea and putting the world to rights. Let's call them Mildred and Enid.

I wasn't being nosey (honestly!) but I couldn't help overhearing their conversation.  Enid is onto her third husband - 'The other two were right bathcubes,' she said.

Mildred had recently been to the doctor's and got some cream for a rash on her back. She was having difficulty stretching her creaky old bones to get the cream in the right spot so she asked her husband, Eric, to help.  Eric duly obliged and, according to Mildred, started to get a bit...and then the hairdryer was on and I was unable to hear the rest.  As soon as the hairdryer was switched off, all I heard was Mildred's voice saying, 'For fluff sake, Eric, you're 85 years old.  You're far too old for sex!'

Well, the shop went quiet and all eyes were on the two old dears on the sofa, who were now sitting cackling and laughing like a couple of old witches.  My mind hasn't boggled that much since the builders, who were doing our extension, sang a Pussycat Dolls duet.


  1. Oh that is hilarious, Molly. I think I must incorporate "for fluff sake" into my vocab too! xx

  2. It makes me laugh as well, Loo and doesn't cause offence (I hope!).

  3. Great story... now why did I never come across such entertainment in the days, long gone now, when I went to the hairdressers? All I ever got was her bitching about her boyfriend, her younger sister and the lack of nightlife in the country!

  4. Hi Edwina. I always have a laugh in my hairdresser's. It's only a small one in a small town and they always have something or someone funny to talk about. It's great entertainment.

  5. I wonder what she puts in his tea?

  6. I don't mean to be funny but do you think that Mildred and Enid might be prostitutes? They'd be better off sitting round at the local barbers or the bowling club.

  7. Hi YP. I think they are too lazy to be prostitutes. They just sit drinking tea all day and then scuttle off on their old people scooters.

    1. The political correctness police insist that those vehicles should be referred to as mobility scooters. If I ever get one it will be jet black with go faster stripes on the sides and a massive brass horn to blast when I silently catch up with unsuspecting pedestrians.