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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Doris, the Diving Duck

We have a collection of ducks on our pond.  We have our two rescue ducks, who haven't got names yet because I still don't know if they are male or female.  How do you tell? We also have an assortment of very tame wild ducks.

I wanted to tell you about Doris.  She is a female wild duck and is much smaller than the rest.  At first she kept herself to herself and was a bit too shy to come close to get the food (apart from the fact that the other naughty ducks pecked her when she came close).  She is now getting used to feeding time at the pond and I was amazed the other day to see her actually diving in and swimming under the water to get the corn.  She is the only one that dives and swims under water so she is very special and clever.  

Please excuse the quality of the photos. It was freezing cold yesterday and I just took them very quickly.

Messieurs-dames, I give you Doris, the Amazing Diving Duck.   

That's Doris in the middle between the drake and the other duck's bottom.

Our own two tame ducks are the white and black ones




  1. You lucky thing I've often thought I'd love to have a pond big enough for the ducks to stay, we've only had ponds big enough that the ducks arrive, eat all the tadpoles and wander off!

    1. The wild ones don't always hang around but I'm hoping these ones stay longer. They know when they are onto a good thing. Love your blog, Woolly Dog.

  2. I would have been a tadge more impressed if you had shown us a photo of an apparently clear bit of water and said, 'There's Doris, the incredible diving duck... mid dive'.

    Are you sure it's a duck? If it swims underwater and lays eggs, then it could be a migrating duck billed platypus...

  3. Hi Hippo. Wish I'd thought of that idea but it was too cold that day to hang around for the right photo opportunity. Doris is definitely a wee wild British duck.

    Am enjoying your blog - tis very funny.