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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Commonwealth Nonsense

Well, for someone who doesn't do sport, I have been blogging about it somewhat haven't I? The latest bit of nonsense has been brought to my attention by my sister, Katia.  She was on her way to Tesco in Parkhead, where she lives (why Katia, why?) and was stopped on the way by an official security man to have her documents checked.  Let me just explain.  The Commonwealth Games will take place in Parkhead, Glasgow shortly and the whole area has been made totally secure with roads closed off and hundreds of security guards guarding....well..empty car parks and roads. These security people are taking their jobs ever so seriously and Katia was stopped for a spot check yesterday on the road to Hell Tesco.  
Every householder in the area has a permit that has to be displayed on the dashboard of their cars and unfortunately for Katia, she forgot hers that day - bummer!  The 12 year old security man would not let her go any further and made her turn around.  I'm afraid she got rather angry and had a rant at him and then told him to poke the permit up his bottom.
My brother, Vasily, who also lives in the area (why Vasily, why?) told me that these checkpoint Charlies also stopped an ambulance and fire engine from getting through to render crucial assistance to the local residents.

More Scottish nonsense later, mes amis.



  1. Oh dear, bureaucracy gone mad.

    jean x

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Sol. The things you hear about outside of the games are far more interesting than the actual games.

  3. Why did you call me "bummer" in this post and why are your siblings Russian? By the way Parkhead is an area of Sheffield not far from this keyboard. There's a Toby Carvery there but no security guards. I think I might enter the carvery eating games and if there's a hot waitress I will surely earn a meddle for Yorkshire!

  4. Hi YP. If I used my siblings' real names, they would take me to Parkheed and make me live there for the rest of my life.

    1. Can I assume that they are therefore called Hamish and Flora? At Parkhead you would be able to purchase the little scotch pies and haggis suppers that elude you in the South Cave ghetto.

    2. I like the Russian names better. Not too keen on haggis but I do miss square sliced sausage and potato scones.