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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

It's all a Load of Tennis Balls

Am I the only one in this country to think that Andy Murray doesn't want to play tennis?  Honestly, he wasn't a bit bothered about getting a damn good thrashing by Gregor Dimitrov earlier today.  Murray is always angry but is probably too scared to tell his mum that he wants to give up tennis.  Admit it, guys, he's only mediocre, not brilliant like Federer or Nadal. Enough said.  I'm glad he's out now.  He's bloody miserable.
I'm also fed up with Formula 1 Champion Whinger, Lewis Hamilton, but I'm looking forward to a good spat between him and Nico Rosberg and I'm SO looking forward to him having his ass kicked by Team Manager, Niki Lauda, who hardly whinged at all when he was severely burned in a serious crash in the '70s (when men were men and didn't whinge).
Anyway, that's my take on sport in the UK at the moment.  Not sure who won the World Cup.


  1. 'Not sure who won the World Cup'.... well of course it wasn't us!
    Agree about Murray, I listened to the radio commentary as he lost the second set, all commentators were saying he wasn't playing at his best... why do we make excuses all the time. OK, so he had a bad day. OK so he got beaten. Aren't we used to it by now? I don't watch sport any more, used to love Wimbledon in the days of real characters like Nastase, McEnroe, Connors, Lendl et al, people who made the game fun and interesting and never boring. Interesting (or more likely not) that Murray changes his coach... and loses! 'Nuff said....

  2. Blogger is having a blip again. I just lost my comment.

    I stopped watching Wimbledon as well (unless Nadal & Federer are ever in a final again - pure magic!). In Scotland our schools finished in June for the summer hols and I always had the TV on for Wimbledon - 'twas when Martina Navratilova was a lass. Like you, I loved the characters back then and they were real sportsmen and women. I also used to love watching the Grand Prix but again, the oldies were much more interesting, e.g. Ayrton Senna etc. It's all gone a bit boring now with whinging (sp!) spoiled boys.

  3. Err...Just to inform you that the final of the World Cup hasn't happened yet hen! It's on July 13th. As for Gregor Dimitrov, I bet you'd love him to give you a damned good thrashing! Roberto could video it.

  4. Bloody blogger, keeps losing my replies!!

    You are SO naughty, YP.

    I know the world cup hasn't happened yet, I was being facetious (bloody good word that!).

    I knew I should have put an 'ed' on damned.

  5. Hurrah, my views exactly on Andy Murray. Miserable git! Mind you that Mum is formidable!! You could be right on the not giving up. I remember the newspaper quote 'Why is it that Murray scowls while Nadal smoulders' I think this was a woman's view, certainly mine. Jan B.

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for calling in. I'm so glad someone else can see Murray for what he really is. I can never understand the hysteria for mediocre players just because they are British. I like to support people who excel at what they do. I do think that Murray's mother is living her tennis dreams vicariously through him and he is SO angry about it.

      Best wishes from Carol (my real name).