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Sunday, 5 April 2015

British Telecom

I don't usually pay attention to my British Telecom phone bill but I happened to glance at the itemised list and realised, to my horror, that I am being charged 27p each time I dial an engaged number.  Each call was only for a few seconds and I know from the number that the person does not have an answering machine.  The same number was listed four times, each all for a few seconds and each call with a charge of 27p attached.  We remembered phoning this number and that it was engaged for a long time.  I told a friend and he checked his own bill and was sure he was charged the same for unanswered calls.
I contacted BT.  God those Indian call centres!!  Anyway, I was told that these charges were normal and that somehow they did get connected.  I told him I'd never heard so much rubbish in my life and promptly hung up.  I have since written a letter of complaint to the CEO and I have sent a message to Watchdog as well.  If I don't get a satisfactory answer from BT, I will be contacting Ofcom because this should not be happening. Maybe it's their way of making up the money for our "free" evening and weekend calls. I don't think BT will be the only guilty parties doing this so check your bills mes amis. They are breaking the law.


  1. That's appalling! I am indignant on your behalf! We aren't with BT but I shall now be checking our bill anyway. Thanks for the warning.

  2. Hi CT. Funnily enough someone wrote into the Sunday paper to complain about Post Office Telecom charging 15p for dialling engaged calls, so it isn't just BT. It's a bloody cheek!!

  3. We never use the phone, simple. It's there only because we need it for the computer, but otherwise.... if it rings, we don't answer and friends know this. We both have mobiles, but being Luddites to a degree - when it comes to phones and social media anyway - they are only used in emergency. Mine isn't even switched on. And I empathise with the BT thing, I am having one heck of a set to with British Gas, for being lied to several times, having missed appointments, shoddy workmanship... I am a firm believer in complaining, and always in writing because then you have a record. British Gas tried to talk to me over the phone, but I politely and calmly (amazing, calm, moi?!) told them to put any comments in writing. I think I am turning into my first dragon-in-law.... HELP!

    1. I have a little pay as you go mobile and it hardly gets used. I just keep it for emergencies. I always go to the top man/woman right away with my complaints and it has always worked up to now. I once got a big bouquet of flowers from Npower by way of an apology for an error on their part. Edwina, you are not your dragon-in-law, you just want to sort out a problem, and you are right, writing a letter is the best way.