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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Story about Ospreys by Molly Printemps' Niece, Anna, age 9

I will get back to my usual blog about our building project soon but thought you might like to read this lovely little story by my gorgeous niece, Anna Nokerova.  She is a beautiful brown-eyed girl, only 9, with beauty as well as brains (she is a mini-me actually).  Anna wrote this story for a writing competition.   Hope she wins a good prize. 

The cold wind was starting to blow. In her nest the osprey new it was time to leave, her thoughts behind and go. She got up and flew off. She could barely fly because she was expecting a baby. She didn’t feel too good. Her stomach was pulling her down. She expected a long journey before the perfect tree would come. She was so terribly wrong because out of the corner of her eye was a beautiful tall strong tree. She flew over to it and started to gather some leaves and twigs. It took her quite a long time and every minute she was getting weaker and weaker because of the baby. Soon enough she had got lots of twigs to start her nest off. She didn’t make the nest to high up incase the eggs fell out, so she started to build it half way up. After a while of working and building the nest was finished. It wasn’t very soft and the osprey new she would have trouble sleeping on hard chunks and bumps and so she gathered some leaves and grass and carefully placed it in the nest, now it was complete. The osprey had a feeling it was time for the eggs to come out. So see sat up on her nest and waited. It wasn’t long before they came out but to her amazement there were not one but two eggs. She put some grass over them to keep them warm.  The next day the eggs hatched. The osprey was so happy. The babies were beautiful, they had lots of lovely colours reds and blues and oranges and yellows and greens. The osprey named one Patrick and the other Andrew.  Summer came quickly that year. It was the babies first summer and they enjoyed it. It was then the osprey told them the news, she was expecting another baby. This time she new not to just expect one this time she could look ahead and expect maybe two.  After summer left so did the osprey.  She had to go and leave her tree because of the weather conditions but she found a lovely tree far away from her old one. She new she could never go back and she missed her old tree but she settled quickly in the new one. She built her nest bigger because she was having another baby.  A while after they moved from the old tree the osprey had the new baby. It was only one this time but the osprey wasn’t disappointed because the new baby was beautiful.  He was the same colours as the first two but a lot smaller than the first two where. She decided to call him collin
This year summer came late, and when it did come it wasn’t the best weather. Even though the weather was not the best the osprey decided that it was time to teach her children how to hunt. So she took all three of her children to the river too hunt for fish. Patrick and Andrew were better than Collin. The osprey didn’t worry about this because she new he would get better at this as he got older.  Winter came and the snow fell, down in her nest with her three boys the osprey announced she was going to have another baby.  Collin was excited but Andrew and Patrick didn’t care they had seen it all before and they were bored. Collin kept asking questions like how does it come out and when will it comes out. But the mother osprey did not answer she was so tired. The next day to her extra amazement the egg came out and the boys were so amazed at how quick it came out. Again only one but when it hatched the next day she did not care what colour it was she did not care how many there was, it was a girl. So she named it colleen.  Patrick and Andrew had been dreading this would happen they did not want a girl to be the only girl and be the favourite osprey in the family. So they decided to try and get rid of her. They wanted to try to get Collin up to it as well but he refused but promised not to tell. That night Andrew and Patrick thought up a plan, they could take her and lock her at the bottom of the tree she wouldn’t know what they were doing because she was far too young. So that night they grabbed her and took her to the bottom of the tree. They covered her in a black cloak so she wouldn’t be seen. The next morning the osprey wondered were colleen had gone. She was getting very worried and she was scared colleen had been kidnapped. She flew down to look for colleen but she was nowhere to be seen. The osprey did notice the black cloak and something moving under it she pulled it off   and under was colleen shivering like crazy. At once the osprey new what had happened she had heard the sound in the night. She was furious but she didn’t know witch one had done it. So she tested all of them but Patrick and Andrew didn’t own up. That night when Patrick and Andrew were asleep, Collin crept over to his mother and told her that it was Patrick and Andrew did that to colleen. The osprey was even angrier knowing that the two eldest ospreys had been so childish in their moves and actions. The next day the osprey gave the two boys a punishment for their actions while Colleen and Collin got to play. Patrick and Andrew had a pretty tough punishment, they had to clean out the nest and fill it with new leaves it was harder than it looked because it was coming up for autumn and the leaves were all falling of the trees and they were harder to get. Then when the boys were finished the osprey gave them another punishment and trust me this was something you don’t want to know.

by Anna Nokerova (Molly Printemps' niece, age 9)

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