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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Easter Eggs at Christmas in the UK

I happened to pop into our local petrol station this morning, only to discover that they are selling Cadbury’s Creme Eggs already. I told the young girl behind the counter that it’s only 21st December and Jesus hasn’t been born yet but she just looked at me with her dead eyes as if I had asked her to detach her smartphone from her brain. Elle n’avait pas compris, mes amis!

So now that it’s nearly Christmas I have Michael Buble’s Christmas CD playing on repeat non-stop in the Printemps household and also in the car when I go out. Roberto hasn’t said anything but I can tell it’s beginning to get on his nerves a little bit, especially when I sing along at the top of my voice and ask him to dance round the kitchen like the Strictly professionals (speaking of which, it's the Strictly Come Dancing final tonight - yay!). 

We had a Christmas card from Roy and his new love. He’s not yet divorced from the long-suffering Wilma but he has already moved in with his new lady friend, Agnes and is planning a big proposal after Christmas, mad fool that he is. I’ve arranged to see Wilma sometime over Christmas to get her side of the story, so I will keep you all posted. 

My turkey is in the freezer and the stuffing balls are done so put another log on that fire, Heathcliffe and let’s have a cup of tea.

A la prochaine, chers amis.
Feliz Navidad.







  1. Well it was nice to see another posting from you, they are few and far between, but worth the wait!
    I do so hate all this pre-empting of the seasons by sticking Christmas decorations out in September or October, Easter eggs in January and so on. Don't want unseasonal stuff at all, definitely not partial to strawberries in December, somehow they don't go with fog and frosty mornings do they? I like my seasonality, wonder if you do too?
    Hope Christmas was good for you, and the New Year brings you joy and good health - and more postings!!?

  2. Hi Edwina. Thanks for your kind comments. I haven't had many funny stories to report lately but will try and find some more for the New Year.

    Yes, I do like things to be in season. I get really annoyed when I see Crème Eggs at Christmas, and I wouldn't touch strawberries in December!

    Happy New Year to you too. Hopefully I'll find some more funny stuff for all my 2014 postings.