Alis Grave Nil

Monday, 21 April 2014


We just took a few quick photos of Nora Batty and her ducklings this morning.  The sun was really bright so we could only get a couple. I'll go down there later and get some better photos of those little balls of fluff.

Fatty admires Nora Batty from a distance.  He's not the ducklings'
father but he fancies Nora like mad.
13 little balls of fluff. So cute and squeaky.


  1. Awww! Can you get in closer? If you haven't got a zoom facility on your camera, may I suggest a pair of waders?

    1. We do have a zoom on the camera. I'm blaming Roberto for this - he took them. Will put diving gear on later and get closer.

  2. So sweet! Nothing screams spring as much as ducklings and lambs. These little bundles of fluff are just too cute xx