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Monday, 21 April 2014

More Ducks

I've taken a few more photos of the ducks.  Hope you haven't got duck fatigue yet.  I've zoomed in as much as the camera would allow but the zoom is not that zoomy (technical term).

Nora Batty with her new little brood

Fatty, Petula and the Drakes

Petula (my favourite) having a moment


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I see you have removed your own comment. Best not to blog-comment late at night after consuming your usual bottle of red wine and half a dozen sweet sherries...As for the new duck pictures - a big improvement on Roberto's efforts yesterday. You appear to live on a vast country estate. Do you need a gamekeeper? Mellers is me name milady.

    1. That guy with the Jesus sandals was here and I made a comment and told him to fluff off and then I decided to delete it all as I didn't want to see all his religious crapola.

      Right then Mellors, minimum wage do you? There are no other perks included.

    2. I think the Jesus guy deliberately targets sinners. As there are no perks I shall have to withdraw my speculative job application milady.

  3. How are your ducklings growing... aren't they so cute? Thanks for visiting my garden. Like you, I am trying cut flowers, but even with such a good sized garden I can't find anywhere to put a decent sized patch where it will get the most light and shelter. So what I am doing for now is... there are loads of aquilegia self-seeded, but mainly dark dreary purple. So once they are done, they will be hoicked out before they can set seed, and cut flower seedlings - which I intend to start off in the greenhouse later this week - will go in their place. Same with when the tulips have all died down. But I am rather worried about this really cold snap on its way... so much apple blossom that may not have been visited by bees yet, new tiny pea plants and other veggies will need the fleece back on them, again. Oh the joys of gardening in our lovely climate!

  4. Hi Edwina. We are quite lucky with our weather here. It stays mild here sometimes when everywhere else gets a cold snap. I haven't put any seedlings out yet so I'll keep them in the greenhouse until the cold snap is over.

    Sad duckling news. All of Nora Batty's 13 ducklings have gone. Each day when we went down there were a few missing and then on Friday there were none at all. So sad. We think a fox might have got them. Our own white duck, Petula is nesting at the moment. She kept that quiet.

  5. Oh that is so sad... but just nature I guess. But you have to be hard-hearted about these things don't you, not getting attached and giving animals names. Easy to say, hard to do at times.

  6. I know, it is really sad, especially when those wee ducklings were running over our feet just last week. Another duck appeared yesterday with 10 ducklings. I hope these ones stay safe.